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These beautiful soaps are a must buy !

100% Natural, ethically sourced ingredients

NO detergents,  SLS, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones, sulphates, preservatives or artificial fragrances

Palm-Oil free

Plastic Free & Recyclable Packaging

Cruelty Free, never tested on animals only willing humans

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

Made in the Stroud Valleys, UK

Goats Milk & Honey 

Gentle, creamy and incredibly moisturising.

As an unscented soap, it’s more suitable for those with sensitive skin. Goats milk makes this soap particularly gentle and creamy.

Using local honey, deep and rich, to give you a little bit extra moisturising. The honey gives this soap it's attractive caramel colour and helps create a rich, bubbly lather.

Juniper Berry 

With it's warm and woody scent, Juniper Berry soap calms and clarifies mind and body

Organic Juniper Berry oil is the hero ingredient in this soap. Naturally antibacterial, it helps to alleviate a variety of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

With a little Kaolin, the gentlest of all the natural clays, this soap is an effective cleanser, particularly suitable for oilier skin types.


Extra calm & gentle

A mild olive oil based soap, enriched with soothing calendula flowers to cleanse skin without drying.

Unscented and made with a blend of organic olive oil steeped in calendula and moisturising cocoa butter, this is the perfect choice for dry or delicate skin. 

Using a blend of sun dried clays to give these soaps a wonderful earthy and dusky colour. It also lends the soaps a more velvety lather.


Refreshing Peppermint soap is your saviour for those early morning wake up showers

Don’t forget the hot summer nights either. This soap is perfect for cooling irritated or sunburnt skin. A touch of green clay will gently exfoliate and give good slip to the lather. The mintiness of organic Peppermint oil tempered with the sweetness of a little rosemary oil is an irrestible combination.

Good for oilier and combination skin types. Sensitive skin types might want to give this soap is a miss.

Lemon & Bergamot 

Refreshing Lemon essential oil is paired with uplifting Bergamot, to lend a sophisticated twist on a classic citrus fragrance.

The natural yellow, unrefined tones of olive and sunflower oil shine through in this pretty, sunshine coloured soap. It is suitable for all skin types but oilier skins will benefit from the skin balancing qualities of lemon and bergamot.

Rose Geranium 

This is one of our best selling scented soaps. The sweet floral fragrance and velvety lather makes a luxurious combination

Organic Rose Geranium essential oil will remind you of Turkish delight, sweet without being cloying.

Using a blend of sun dried clays to give this soap a wonderful earthy and dusky colour. It also lends the soap a more velvety lather.

Lavender & Oatmilk 

A soothing creamy soap that's perfect for a relaxing bed time ritual

This soap is rich with smooth creamy oat milk to give you all the skin soothing benefits of oats without the scratchiness. Beautifully fragranced with calming organic Lavender essential oil. 

Each bar of soap weighs a minimum of 105 grams. Cold process soap making means you may find each bar varies a little in shape and colour.

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