London Brick Soaps
Carbon Wash Vegan Soap
Fly Ash Cruelty Free Soap
Lime Clay Boxed Soap
Engineered Mint Soap Bar
London Brick Honey Buff Soap
Hot Rose Vegan Friendly Soap
London Brick Soaps
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London Brick Soaps

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The hand cast London brick soap bar recipes include raw materials derived from the history, science and engineering behind the brick. Each product has a unique story to tell…  

Carbon Wash

Bar soap with raw charcoal & cedarwood oil

No.10 Downing Street was cleaned in the 1960’s and years of carbon pollution was washed off to reveal the yellow brick beneath. This wasn’t the Downing Street that London recognized, so bricks were painted black to match the previous colour of carbon. The black soap bar includes raw charcoal powder. So carbon, along with a cedarwood scent, is now being used to its advantage: to clean and purify the skin.

Fly Ash

Bar soap with pumice, raw charcoal & coconut scent

Fly ash bricks are a lightweight brick component and one of its key raw ingredients is stone dust. This soap bar contains pumice powder to give a lighter stone scrub to your wash.

Lime Clay

Bar soap with kaolin clay & lime oil

In construction lime is added to clay to stabilise the material. Here, the combination of smooth kaolin clay and lime oils creates a pure and perfectly balanced soap bar.

Engineered Mint

Bar soap with natural peppermint oil

Blue ‘Class A’ engineering bricks are known for their high compressive strength. This strong naturally scented mint soap bar definitely reflects this property.

Honey Buff

Bar soap with raw natural honey powder & lemon oil

The original Honey Buff brick reflects the colour of the yellow clay sitting below the surface of London. This sweet-scented soap bar uses natural honey powder and lemon oil to pay homage to the name of the Honey Buff brick.

Hot Rose

Bar soap with traditional English rose scent

Heating and firing clay is an integral part of the traditional brick manufacturing process. This hot coloured traditionally scented soap bar encapsulates the spirit of this process.

Vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free. 

Comes boxed

Dimensions: 110mm x 50mm x 30mm

Weight: 150g

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