Rope Words by Bombay Duck
Sweet Dreams Rope Words
Happy Rope Word
Hello Rope Word by Bombay Duck
Love Rope Word by Bombay Duck
Peace Word by Bombay Duck
Giggles Word by Bombay Duck
Bombay Duck

Rope Words

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Loads of laughs for a child's bedroom or hang-out space, prop it up on a shelf or desk or anywhere you fancy for a splash of colour, though I will remind you not to let it be used as a toy. Another Bombay Duck innovation, French knitting is a traditional European handicraft exported to India, instead of the other way around for once.

Wire with French Knitted Rope Polyester

Sweet Dreams 

Sweet: H 8 x W 27.5 cm

Dreams: H 8.5 x W 32 cm


H 18 x W 33 cm


H 13 x W 31 cm


H 14 x W 27 cm


H 10 x W 26 cm


H 13 x W 31 cm

Designed to lean. Can be fixed to wall, we recommend wall brass cup hook

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