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Porcelain Starlight Earrings

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These beautiful contemporary Starlight earrings are handmade in Devon & presented in a beautiful glass bottle unique porcelain & fine metal earrings are all hand crafted in Devon.

Each porcelain charm is combined with high quality metal components to create distinctively elegant, minimalist earring.

All pieces are made of sterling or fine silver , filled gold or gold plated sterling silver.

Measurements and materials for Dartmouth Blue Starlight Earrings 

15mm handmade blue porcelain discs 

15mm gold filled hoops

18mm gold plated charm

Measurements and materials for Sage Starlight Earrings 

15mm handmade sage green porcelain discs 

15mm gold filled hoops

18mm gold plated charm

Due to the nature of the clay, each pair of earrings is unique in form and size.





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