The Up High Planters
Hunting Green Recycled Plastic Planter
Mustard High Plant Basket
Recycled Plastic Greyish Green Planter
Blue Green Planter
Dark Grey Recycled Plastic Planter
The Up High Planters by Handed By
Handed By

The Up High Planters

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The Up planters from the Up collection from Handed By puts your plants in the spotlight.

The handmade basket is attached to three feet, made of environmentally friendly cinnamon wood.

Combine it with the other three sizes (S/M/L) and colors from the Up collection for a cool, botanical ambiance!

Use it for a big cactus or plant and put it in a prominent place in the living room or kitchen. 

Measures : H20 x W26 cm total height 60cm with legs.

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