Pastel Blue Recycled Shopper
Recycled Plastic Bag
Mustard Shopper By Handed By
Brushed Grey Recycled Bag
Recycled Beach Bag In Rustic Pink
Grocery Shopping Bag In Teal
Chilli Red Recycled Bag
Recycled Plastic Shopper
Recycled Plastic Shopper
Recycled Plastic Shopper
Handed By

Recycled Plastic Shopper

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These beautiful recycled plastic bags are a must !

They are strong and offer enough room for your daily groceries ,or for a day to the beach they even look fab at home for storage like kids toys , magazines etc .

Come in a range of colours ,which ensures that there is always a colour that matches your look !

Easy to clean with water

Braided by hand using 70% recycled plastic.

Measures : H 27 x W 31 x D 24 cm.


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