Sea Spray, Driftwood & Silver Tips Tea Bag
Calming lavender bath tea bag
Wild Olive Mango & Green Tea Bath Tea Bag
Roobios Tea Bag
Mint & White Tea Bag by Wild Olive
Strawberry Cream Tea bath tea bag
Bath Tea Bag with Raspberry Cream Tea
Bath Tea Bag
Bath Tea Bag
Bath Tea Bag
Wild Olive

Bath Tea Bag

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Looking for a unique bathing experience or a gift with a difference? Look no further! Introducing Wild Olive Tea Bags. 

A sealed tea bag containing salts from the Dead sea, essential oils, a variety of tea with added marigolds, petals or clay. 

Simply drop into a warm bath allowing oils and fragrance to infuse into the water, leaving your skin silky smooth - plus no mess.

Sea Spray , Driftwood & Silver Tips Tea - Escape to the sea with the exhilarating, aquatic scent of Seaspray. Blended with bergamot, lime, warm amber and Chinese silvertips tea- this tea bag is designed to give you a bath as relaxing as a day at the beach.

Lavender , Patchouli & White Tea - Relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing, Lavender Patchouli and White Tea is a beautiful addition for a bed-time bath. Designed to help the worries of the day drift away.

Mango & Green Tea - Take a trip to a tropical island with the beautiful sweet scent of our Mango bath tea bag.
Mixed with green tea for a fruity, fun fragrance designed to revitalise and rejuvenate!

Rose Vanilla & Roobios Tea - Floral meets creamy vanilla in this scrumptious bath tea bag.
Mixed with wonder tea- Roobios- known for its super health benefits, used to cure insomnia, headaches and eczema- we don’t need any more convincing!

Mint & White Tea - Cool, fresh and herbal, our mint bath tea bag is blended with white tea for a fabulous muscle relaxing, rejuvenating bath.

Strawberry Cream Tea - Sweet and fruity with a fine blend of dead sea salt and team this pretty pink tea bag whisks you straight to an afternoon tea on a warm summers day.

Raspberry Cream Tea - Super sweet and fruity, Rasberry Cream Tea is a summers paradise.
Blended to give you a fun-filled, playful bath time treat.

Seaweed - This seaweed is invigorating, nourishing and smells great. Immerse yourself in the scent of the sea with green clay an alkatz powder you will feel your bath tub turn into the ocean and all your troubles float away!

Lemon , May Chang & Green Tea - Sharp, sweet and refreshing, lemon and may chang blended with green tea makes the ultimate uplifting bath to aid clarity and give you energy.

Tuberose , Jasmine & Rosehip Tea - Exotic and romantic, tuberose is a gloriously girly scent. Mixed with jasmine and rosehip tea for a beautiful bathing experience.

Do not eat or drink 

Handmade in the UK 



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